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Susan, mom to Kurtis Cleaver In my heart and prayers January 20, 2008







Susan, mom to Kurtis Cleaver "I KNOW" January 20, 2008


I said "God I hurt"
and God said "I know"

I said "God, I cry a lot"
And God said "That is why I gave you tears"

I said "God I am depressed"
And God said " That is why I gave you Sunshine"

I said " God, life is so hard"
And God said "That is why I gave you loved ones"

I said "God my loved one died"
And God said "so did mine"

I said "God it is such a loss"
And God said"I saw mine nailed to a cross"

I said "God but your love one lives"
And God said "So does yours"

I said "God where are they now?"
And God said "Mine is on my right and yours is in the Light"

I said "God, it hurts"
And God said, "I KNOW"

Mom I'll be missing you forever, Justin January 14, 2008





Your Family With all our Love "Tears in the Snow" December 24, 2007


Tears in the Snow

By: Shannon Seckman

~Justin’s Aunt~


The snow is softly falling

sparkling on the ground.

Brisk wind blowing

but not hearing a sound.


Only thinking of you

and your smile so bright.

Thinking of you

on this Christmas Eve night.


Staring at the sky

and the stars above.

Missing you so much

as we send you our love.


We watch the snowfall

with tears blurring our sight.

Leaving tears in the snow

on this Christmas Eve night.


 ©2007 Shannon Seckman


We love you and miss you so very much. You are always with us forever in our hearts and souls. Please stay near and help us through another holiday without you.  All our love,

You Family

Your Family xoxoxo December 21, 2007
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