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Poems for Justin

Poems written in memory of

Justin D. Lesh


Grandma April 17, 2010
I Believe
º ¤`•.¸.•´¤ º ¤ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.* 
`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ 
I Believe 
¤ º ¤`•.¸.•´¤ º ¤ •.¸¸.•´¯`•.¸¸.*
I believe there is a place far from this land,
Where, families and friends will meet hand and hand.
A place where you meet and need not see a face,
For your heart will know this soul with all its love and grace.
A place of love and laughter where no one needs to speak,
You will know from the light this is where you were to meet.
A place you wrap your heart around for those who depart,
And know without a doubt you have found that special heart.
A place far from this troubled land where there is no pain,
A place where angels fly, and show you love again.
`•.¸(¯`•.•´¯)¸.•´* ♥ 

© CD Vanskiver & Moonbeam May 20, 2009
With Love from Above May 11, 2008
"Dear Mom"





I know today is especially hard

for I’m not there with you.

But I’m sending my love, this Mother’s Day

to cherish and honor you.


Even though I’m not there

in sight for you to see.

I am always right beside you

holding you close to me.


I send this special message

to you from Heaven above.

To let you always know

how much I truly love.


I want to thank you Mom

for all that you have done.

Never letting a day go by

without thinking of your Son.


I will always love you mom

every single day.

My love for you, is with you still

it never goes away.


You haven’t stopped being my Mom

I‘m forever your precious One.

A bond as strong as Mother and Child

can never be undone.


I honor you from Heaven now

through our family you will see.

For they will show you love from them

and also love from me.


Hearing “Happy Mother's Day”

how painful it’s become.

But when you hear it said to you

know it’s from your Son.


“Happy Mothers Day”  Mom

I’ll be right there by your side.

Having my arms around you

holding you with pride.

~Love, Justin~


                                                                       ©2006 Shannon Seckman
Aunt Shannon March 1, 2008
"People Unseen"








Through our pain

each other  we embrace.

We all now meet

in this familiar place.


Not ever knowing

each other before.

But through our children

that we adore.


We light their candles

to ease the hurt.

Keeping them shining

with words of comfort.


Whether writing a tribute

in the early a.m.

Or something as short

as “I’m thinking of them”.


Being so thankful

for the prayers that are said.

And feeling all the hugs

through the words that are read.


The love that we send

and what it all means.

How important it’s become

from people unseen.



©2006 Shannon Seckman



Aunt Shannon February 18, 2008
"To Dream"

I closed my eyes again last night

and prayed in hopes you’d hear.

Please let me see him in my dreams

so I can hold him near.


If I knew that I could hug him

or even a chance to see.

I would close my eyes a million times

and keep him close to me.


I need to hear that cheerful laugh

and see that happy grin

I would hold my nephew close to me

and tell him once again.


Just how much I miss him so

and hold him ever so tight.

I close my eyes and pray again

to dream of him tonight.



copyright 2008 Shannon Seckman

Aunt Shannon February 10, 2008
"It's All About Love"


It’s all about love

it always has been.

From the second that your life

started to begin.


It goes beyond words

and above all things.

It's all about love

and the comfort it brings.


It can be in a thought

a touch or a smile.

It helps keep you close

during all life's trials.


Whether you are near

or so far away.

Nothing can separate

the love that stays.


It’s all about love

with all that we do.

Through these hard times

of missing you.

Copyright © 2008 Shannon Seckman




Aunt Shannon January 20, 2008
Broken Hearts Remain

©2006 Shannon Seckman

Our lives changed forever,

on that April spring day.

For we lost you, sweet Justin

one year ago today.


The second that you left us

it brought us to our knees.

Crying uncontrollably

not wanting to believe.


Our hearts were all breaking

as we cried out your name.

Our lives would be different

and we’d never be the same


Our family is now missing

a very special part.

Nothing can ever begin to fill

this hole left in our hearts.


Missing your warm hugs

as we all begin to cry.

Missing that sweet smile and

those beautiful brown eyes.


Since the day we lost you

nothing is the same.

We cherish all our memories

but Broken Hearts Remain.







Aunt Shannon December 29, 2007
Missing You
Missing you continues on.
Never a day that the pain is gone.
Every morning until every night.
We feel the pain ever so tight.
It’s in our hearts.
It’s in our souls.
For here is where we want you so. 
Your smile and hugs are what we yearn
To feel your touch and loving arms.
Copyright ©2005 Shannon Seckman
Grandma December 28, 2007
Justin's Smile

by Sandy Roth (Jan. 17,06)



His smile was his trademark,

Wherever he went.

A room would light up

When Justin came in

Because the first thing you'd see

Would be his big grin!

A son and brother A grandson so precious;

A nephew a cousin & a friend so true!

Whatever he had,

He'd share it with you!

A thought, a favor,

A kind word for a while

But always, oh always,

He'd share 'His Big Smile'

Our hearts are breaking,

Nine months have gone by

We keep asking each other

Why Oh Why!!!!

Did we lose our Sweet Justin

Our boy with the Big Smile


Cousins December 28, 2007
"Our Brother"

Copyright © 2007 Shannon Seckman



You’re our cousin in name

But a brother in our heart.

The love that we’ve had

Right from the start.

You are our brother

with love so true.

Since we were little

we always knew.

That the bond that we have

Can never be apart.

We carry you with us

“Forever in our Heart”

Happy 21st Dear Brother,

Forever Missed and Loved,

Janelle, Josh, Zach, Megan, Keith, Shawn

Tyler, Savannah, Forrest, Jesseka, Justin Richard


Zach Patterson (cousin) December 28, 2007

by Zach Patterson



I watch as life ticks away.
Not realizing this could be my last day.
I think nothin of it
Like it will last forever.
I sit and think
Just wondering how all of this could be true.
It can't be
He meant too much to me.
My cousin, my best friend,
Gone in a flash.
Why did it have to end?
Why did he have to crash?
His life was just beginning,
College in the fall
He wanted to play another inning.
Such a young age to go,
A soldier to the end,
Justin, I love you and I miss you
I hope to eventually see you again.

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