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Uncle Joe & Aunt Shannon

  I love this picture Justin.  February 1987 at Grandma's house. You were 6 1/2  months old.  Look at that smile..... :) 


We love and miss you so very much.

All our Love forever & Always,

Aunt Shannon & Uncle Joe

Zach Milano
I am the son of Sharon Milano and she is a friend of your Aunt Shannon's.  I am at your website and read that you loved baseball.  That's my favorite sport.  I started practicing 3 weeks ago.  I'm on the 13U Lake Express Travel team.  I hope you will be my guardian angel in the infield and outfield because I could use your help and strength to get through a great season.  I'm sad to hear of your accident.  I hope it never happens to me.  I will keep you updated on my baseball season.
"My Son"

Two years have gone by

without you here.

Not moment has passed

that my heart could bare.


Not seeing the face

of my sweet boy.

Hearing your laugh

filled with such joy.


Remembering the jokes

that only we understood.

The way that you walked

and the way that you stood.


With the tilt of your head

with that grin on your face.

Missing the warmth

of my Son’s embrace.



Hearing your voice

as you come in the door.

Oh, what I ‘d give

To hear you once more.


So many things that I miss

I can’t name just one.

I miss everything about you

I miss you, “My Son”.


©Michelle Dufaure de Citres & Shannon Seckman


Deep in the night, I come to you
Like a whisper in the wind
My arms are wrapped around you
Like nature’s second skin
I’ll comfort and protect you
Give you strength and inner peace
My heart is full of angels
Angels are ours to keep
Angels walk among us
They live deep inside our soul
You can see them in the evening sky
Or on the wings of a butterfly
Feel them in the breeze that kisses your cheek
And in the love a friend sends your way
You never lose an angel
Angels are here to stay
Close your eyes, you’ll find me there
To share your moments of despair
I’ll pick you up when it’s hard to stand
Reach out to me, take my hand
Hear my words, know the truth
Let me share with you the secrets
The secrets of the angels among us
Close your eyes hold on tight
I will never let you go
I will walk beside you always
As long as you need me to
When at last you are at peace
Feel free to let me go
Tuck me in a corner of your heart
You’ll never be alone
Now you know, no one is ever lost
Understand that your heart is full
I hold many deep inside me
Because I’ve always known
You never lose an angel
For all angels are here to stay
Edited 1/15/2007

© Tika Newman 2005


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