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Poems for Justin

Poems written in memory of

Justin D. Lesh


Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
Our Baby Blue Bands

 Copyright ©2006 Shannon Seckman



A circle of love
on our wrist is now worn.
A baby blue band
to show our love can't be torn.

It holds your name
so bold and so true.
In your favorite color,
beautiful baby blue.

It stays on our arms
for everyone to see.
That we love our sweet boy
forever that will be.

Jordyn McAdams (cousin) December 28, 2007

By Jordyn McAdams



1)  A little boy playing baseball,
Runnin' round the bases
Everybody loved him,
He knew a lot of faces.

9 years later,
He was raised just fine,
Then something happened,
Made everybody cry.

He should have been just fine,
Layin' in a hospital,
People at his bedside.

2)  Why did he have to go.
And do this to himself?
He didn't only hurt him,
He hurt everybody else.

He never had a chance to grow,
He wanted to be a teacher,
He wanted to see children learn,
He wanted to teach other people.

He should have been just fine,
Layin' in a hospital,
People at his bedside.

3) A cross where he wrecked,
He hurt alot of people,
After 9 years,
We're closer than ever.

I don't remember you,
Though I realize,
I was crying with everyone,
When I found out you died.

As that date rings in my head
I cry.

Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
All the Time
Copyright © 2005 Shannon Seckman
I am always right beside you
as you’re crying out for me..
When you’re at my garden
or standing beside my tree.
I often say, “I love you Mom”
softly in your ear.
Even though you can’t hear me
I am close to catch your tears.
I watch over you and hold you
everyday and through the night.
I try to help as much as I can
through this awful fight.
Please know that I am there with you
with all the passing time.
To help you with the hardest moments
which I know are All the Time.
Josh Seckman (cousin) December 28, 2007
In Memory

by Josh Seckman

When think of you,
I picture someone I could look up to,
Someone I could relate to in so many different ways,
Someone that I could talk to about anything,
Someone I couldn't help but talk about,
Whenever my friends asked, "Where were you at last night?"
I was proud to say, "With my cousin"

I picture you pulling into my driveway
in your white Grand Am to pick me up,
I hear the music we always listened to,
The kind of music that made us nod our heads,
I picture your graduation and how happy everyone was,
Happy that you were going to do something with your life,
Help others.

But that was before you know what,
That night my whole life changed forever,
The night I figured out I could never see your face again,
The night alcohol took one of my best friends forever,

I wait for the day that I will see you again,
Oh how sweet it will be,
But until then Justin,
I love you and I miss you.

Justin's Cousins December 28, 2007
Dear Aunt Michelle

Justin wants you to know.
He said “take care of my mom"
"For me, you’ll have to show."

Show her what she means to me
And how much I love her so.
Tell her that I miss her
And I’m sorry I had to go.

Give her lots of hugs and kisses
And let her know they’re from me.
I ask this of all of you
I need my mom to see.

See how much I love her
And wish that I were there.
I know that you will do this for me
To show her that I care.

I know that it won’t be the same
Than having me her son.
But show her how much she is loved
By Me and everyone.

Tell her my love is still with her
And let her feel me near.
That I will never leave her
My love is everywhere.

That I will send my love for her
Through all of your hearts.
So she will always know
That we are never far apart.


Grandma December 28, 2007
Butterfly Wings

by Robin Fogle 


Like a butterfly emerges
And unfolds its graceful wings,
A child grows and develops
With the love a mother brings.
I'm thankful for the times
When you encouraged me to try,
For God gave me my wings,
But, Mom, you taught me how to fly.

Mom December 28, 2007
My Son Lives in Paradise

By Mairlyn Ferguson


 The dust has settled on the things
 That I have stored away
 A favorite toy, for little boy
 A jar of dried out clay.
 A photograph when you were young
 Sits quietly on the shelf
 Thoughts of you come drifting back
 I just can’t help myself.
 A drawing that you made for me
 When you were very small
 Is framed within this heart of mine
 And hangs upon the wall.
 A scrapbook lies within the room
 Where you once laid your head
 Your favorite book, a model car
 The pillow on your bed.
 I miss you coming in from school
 “Hey mom, it’s me, I’m home”
 I miss the little words and hugs
 The special times we’ve known.
 A part of me just disappeared
 The day you went away
 An empty space now fills my heart
 There are no words to say.
 A closet filled with memories
 Of happy days gone by
 A baseball cap and souvenir
 Why did you have to die?
 The trophies that you won at school
 Stand proudly on display
 Your many friends can’t understand
 Why God called you away.
 I hear your voice within the halls
 It echoes in the night
 I see you in the evening mist
 And in the morning light.
 So many things you left behind
 Are now a memory
 But little arms that held me tight
 Will always stay with me.
 An empty space now fills my heart
 My boy, my child, my son
 You’ve gone into another world
 Where golden dreams are spun.
 I do not know the answers
 It‘s not for me to know
 But I will know the truth one day
 Just why you had to go.
 My turn will come to leave this world
 I’ll gaze into your eyes
 God’s perfect plan will be revealed
 Up there in paradise.
Aunt Jane December 28, 2007
Just A Minute

by Jane McAdams (5/25/05)


Another day here,
The nice weather's arrived,
And it seems,
I might just survive,
By ignoring the pain,
That surrounds me.

Blue skies above,
I'll just make believe,
There's no one to hear,
And no one to see,
I'm falling apart,
By the second.

Life's little chores,
Do them after day,
How much more of myself,
Must I give away,
I just need a moment,
Of Silence.

The telephone rings,
A glance at caller ID,
Knowing who's there,
Brings no relief,
It just gives,
A minimal warning.

So many choices,
How to handle each call,
Everything might mean,
Nothing at all,
Today I'm not sure,
There's much difference.

Times ticking away,
And I just can't keep pace,
I'm falling behind,
While praying for grace,
I just want someting,
To trust in.

Coffee and cigarettes.
This pen in my hand,
To try and make sense,
Of what I don't understand,
As eternity streches,
Before me.

My being implodes,
Not enough knowledge and time,
To rebuild the collapse,
I told you I'm fine,
Just leave me alone,
In this madness.

Could I have just a minute,
To figure it out,
Just a few seconds,
Free of the sorrow and doubt,
That consumes me,
Could I just have some space,
A moment's reprieve,
Just a few seconds,
Where perhaps I can breathe,
Without hurting.

Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
My Hearts Glue

Copyright ©2006 Shannon Seckman

My heart is so broken, without you here.
It can't be mended fixed or repaired.

It is broken forever as I feel the strain.
It's not just emotional,it's a physical pain.

Our shared memories are what I hold on to.
Never a day that I don't want you.

Being with your mom to talk about you.
Remembering all the cute things that you used to do.

Always thinking about,the love that you gave.
The smiles the hugs in my heart I will save.

My heart is so broken, without you here.
It can't be mended fixed or repaired.

But, I will always have my memories of you
and it will have to be

"My Hearts Glue."


Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
My Sister's Son

 Copyright ©2006 Shannon Seckman

You are the light that lifts up her soul.

You are the sun that brightens her sky.

You are the warmth when she is cold.


From the very start

you've been her joy

that fills her heart


Whether you are near or far

from sunrise to sunset.

The love you two have

she will never forget.


The love for her child

is one of a kind.

It will be forever with you

til the end of time.


You will always be,her number one

You are forever

"My Sister's Son."




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