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Poems for Justin

Poems written in memory of

Justin D. Lesh


Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
Our Special Star

 ©2006 Shannon Seckman

To our special

star in the sky.

With a strong string

that holds the tie.


Of all the love

that we hold dear.

To keep you close

and keep you near.


For when our tears

fill up our eyes.

We now look up

into the sky.


To see our bright

shining star.

To let us know

that you’re not far.


Feeling the love

from your warm light.

It’s the brightest one

we see at night.


So when our days

and nights are tough.

We’ll always remember

to just look up.


To our special

star in the sky.

Through our tears

that fill our eyes.



Aunt Shannon December 28, 2007
To See You

©2006 Shannon Seckman

When I try to fall asleep

your smile I pray to see.

I need to see your handsome face

smiling back at me.


Hoping that I dream of you

when I start to weep.

I close my eyes and pray so hard

to see you when I sleep.




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